Since Twitch launched it’s affiliate program, thousands of new streamers have had a new goal to strive for. Unlike partner, the affiliate status provides an almost immediate sense of gratification. Today we’re going to dive into how to become a twitch affiliate fast.

Many of the streamer’s that I know have achieved the affiliate status within a week or two.

When you get the email for twitch affiliate

They were able to accomplish this feat due to the low requirements. The low requirements of becoming an affiliate have resulted in both good and bad things. Smaller streamers have more immediate sources of revenue. But this has helped create a plague of streamers looking for I scratch your back you scratch mine.

While the immediate sense of gratification is exciting, it will do little to help you in the long run. Far too often I have seen streamers stumble into streaming communities. Then streamers are infected with the follow for follow and lurk for lurk culture. While these methods are effective and provide quick results, they will only hurt you in the long run.

Many will use these same methods until they reach a point where they are no longer seeing growth. Then they become discouraged by that lack of growth.

There is a high likelihood that the streamer who used those get rich quick tactics will quit. And I want to prevent any new streamer from falling into this trap.

This article could show some of the quicker methods out there. But that would be a disservice to you in your early days as a twitch streamer.

I would like to show the proper way of how to become a twitch affiliate. I will layout a ground plan for how to place yourself in a good spot. To help you long after you have reached the affiliate status.

Because affiliate is only the beginning, soon you’ll want to learn how to become a twitch partner, but like with all things, a strong base is crucial. Before we do that, though, I would like to show the requirements on how to become a twitch affiliate below.

As you can see, the requirements for affiliate are nothing to fear. Often times the achievement people have the most difficulty with is Who watches the watchers.

Twitch Affiliate Requirements

As you can see, the requirements for affiliate are nothing to fear. People have the most difficulty with is Who watches the watchers, but more on that later.

Before streaming on Twitch

We all have different reasons for thinking about streaming. But I am sure most of you heard about streaming in one way or another and then decided to check it out.

You head to and to your delight there are hundreds of thousands of people streaming games. You decide to check out a streamer playing a game you are interested in.

The streamer you select is more than likely somebody near the top and you are in awe. This person has captivated you in one way or another and then you see it. MONEY.

This guy is making money to play video games. It doesn’t dawn on you at first, but you become convinced that streamer could be you one day. You tell yourself, I play video games, so I could do what they are doing.

How to become a twitch affiliate

Twitch Affiliate Goals


I am not about to go into detail about all the tech requirements. Nor which software to use to get started with streaming. That type of article will be saved for another time, what we’re focusing on is how to become a twitch affiliate fast.

Instead, I will be discussing something more important: your mindset. Going into twitch with the desire to grow, like in most activities, requires a growth mindset. You need to be able to put your ego aside. Realize that streaming is a craft. A craft that requires dedication towards improvement to get anywhere with it.

Without this crucial component, you will not get far at all with streaming. In fact, I would be surprised if you even become affiliated.

There are a variety of factors which contribute to a growth mindset. Two of the key parts to it are the ideas of continuous improvement and deliberate practice.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is a popular concept in the business world. Although, it can be applied to an individual person. The name gives the meaning away. It is a philosophy which advises you to always strive for improving something. There is a host of avenues for you to make improvements on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

An example of something every streamer should work on is the ability talk to yourself. It does not come natural for a gamer to be talking to themselves but with time it will become more natural. The way I was able to improve on it was by spending my work commute talking to myself. It is awkward at first, but as you continue to do it you get better and feel confident in doing it. Narrate yourself playing when nobody is there. If someone hops into your stream and you are sitting there staring at your monitor, they will leave. And they will never return.

I would make a suggestion to create a focus for every day, week, and month. The key to this is consistency. If you make an effort to do this for a few months, you will see miraculous results. I would encourage you to save a few of your first videos. Within a month or two compare your first videos to the ones at that time.

In order for this to work, you must eat, sleep, and breath continuous improvement. Make it a motto of yours to work on improving yourself and your content. Rest assured, it will pay more than it’s fair share in dividends.

How to become a twitch affiliate

Every bit improved adds to your overall value

Deliberate Practice

Have you ever spent dozens of hours practicing to find people surpassing you? Even when you put in more time than they do? This can often be due to the lack of deliberate practice. So often we hear that if we put in the time and work hard, we will continue to get better. While this is true, you must do so with intention and focus. Intention and focus is the difference between mindless, repetitive practice and deliberate practice. Deliberate practice and continuous improvement go hand in hand in many ways.

This could apply to streaming on twitch in several ways. Let’s say we have two streamers: Jane and John. Jane spends 3 days a week streaming, but each time she streams it is with deliberate practice. She is focusing her attention on improving a specific skill. She spends 3 hours every stream so she would be streaming for a grand total of 21 hours a week. At the end of the month, she has reached an average of 10 viewers within her first month streaming. On the other hand, we have John who, bless his soul, is spending 5 hours a day every day of the week streaming. But his streams lack deliberate practice. He is streaming for the sake of streaming. So, he can “put in his hours”. At the end of the month he would have streamed a total of 50 hours a week, but he has only reached an average of 2 viewers.

What gives?  John was dedicated to the grind of streaming. Jane was concentrating on practicing at it. The only people who should be grinding out on twitch are those at the top. The one’s who already have it made. Even then, they should continue to improve otherwise they will decline. What often prevents people from growing past a certain point is how they react to success. There are the people who reach a level of comfort they find acceptable and quit practicing. Then there are those who continue to practice. They never let that success provide comfort. This leads to the next point.

You must stretch to reach the person you want to be

Streaming does not come natural to any streamer. You must accept the fact that you will need to stretch yourself to make these things more natural. It may be awkward at first, but if you continue to stretch yourself a bit everyday, it will come to you.

I was never a social person, but being social and streaming are almost necessary. Unless they are there to watch your game play, you are not going to make it very far as a streamer if you are not social. I accepted that is the truth and took the extra effort to improve on my social skills. It is one of the few things I continue to struggle with as a streamer, but I am working to improve at it. One of the things I have found most useful is asking open ended questions.

How to become a twitch affiliate

Stretch into your potential as a streamer

I devoured a lot of content related to open ended questions whether it was articles or videos. At this moment, I have improved , but I know I have a lot more work ahead of me. But I was willing to stretch myself to reach the potential I know I am capable of. You must do this as well. Not only with streaming, but with everything in life.

You may already have a growth mindset. Let’s you already live by continuous improvement. You even practice every time you are at bat. And you stretch yourself beyond comfort as a ritual. But you still have yet to reach affiliate. That is where the next point comes into play.

Get active and start helping

Streaming your way to success with little to no support is unlikely. You will need support to find success on twitch. You could jump into it by asking people for help. It’s unlikely they will assist unless they are friends and family. So, if possible, before even streaming be a viewer. You may save yourself heart ache by being a viewer and supporter before streaming.

Being a viewer in a channel provides a wide variety of benefits. You get to study what makes the streamer special to watch. You get to learn from the mistakes or faults of that streamer. It provides an opportunity to build relationships with people in that streamers community.

Learning from the best

Take the time spent watching streamers as a learning opportunity. Make a list of 20 streamers you thoroughly enjoy and just devour their content, but do so with a purpose. Have a notebook handy and take note of things you like and go as far as to understand why you liked it. For me personally, I love watching Summit1g more than any other streamer and I can tell you exactly why I do.  I have watched  studied him enough and thought long and hard about why I love watching him. Take the time to not only enjoy watching your favorite streamer, but learning from them.

Learning from their mistakes and understanding what you like to watch

Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone. Take some time to learn from the mistakes or faults of those who are already streaming. Try to work out any issues you may have before you try to stream yourself. And don’t take this as only mistakes either, but also learn what you do not like when watching a streamer. I can not stand watching a streamer who does not respond to their chat. So, I make an effort to respond to my chat to the best of my ability. But there are people out there who don’t mind watching someone who is not interacting with chat.

Building relationships

If you remember any part of this article, please make it this section. Building relationships is key in any career or industry that you enter. This is no less true for streaming on twitch. People often tell others that to grow on twitch they need to network. I am replacing the term “network” for building relationships. That is what networking should be about. So, how do you build relationships? There are a variety of ways you could build relationships. I will focus on the one is most useful to a streamer: providing value to others.

People attempt to network with the hope of gaining something from that other person. I insist in doing the opposite. Look for ways to provide the other person something of value. There are a handful of skills which provide immense value to streamers. Graphic designing, video editing, and audio to name a few. There are other avenues to provide value, but those are some of the most useful.

If you can provide value to other streamers, capitalize on that opportunity. This could be with streamers at any level. So, why provide value for others without the certainty of getting something in return? Because you will build up a reputation for yourself as someone who provides value. It won’t always work, but when you provide value to others, they will appreciate it even if they never say so. That person could then refer you to someone else. The key is to never expect anything. You never know when someone could feel a lot of appreciation and generosity and repay the favor. But don’t expect them to.

How to become a twitch affiliate

What a real twitch relationship looks like

Social Media

I spent a lot of time contemplating where to fit this section. I believe building relationships and social media go hand in hand.

I hardly understood the value which social media would come to play as a streamer. I would post a picture or two daily on Instagram. Find other streamers by searching the keyword twitch. From there I would go and like their posts and leave a couple of comments. I met some great people through that method, but there is so much more potential in social media beyond that.

How to become a twitch affiliate

Social media is so crucial to twitch success

eventually found a few streamers who were open to helping me out. All I did was  reach out to streamers bigger than myself. I would ask them, out of curiosity, what they believe has led to the success they are currently at. Some will ignore you. The ones who have replied have been a tremendous help in shaping the streamer that I am today. I still reach out to those bigger than me. I believe you should always look to those who are a step or two above you for guidance.

With that said, I had a difficult time transitioning from Instagram to twitter. Liking and commenting on a post on Instagram was comforting. Twitter was very awkward since it is conversation driven. A lot of people told me the importance of twitter as a streamer, but I did not understand it plain and simple.

I studied several bigger streamers who were on twitter. I looked to understand how they use twitter, but that came to no avail. They are on a whole different level and their methods would not apply to a smaller streamer. And then it happened. I noticed a trend among some of those I was close to which seemed to be working for them.

They were tagging people on their posts. In all honesty it almost creates a circle of exclusivity. It’s like saying I vouch for these people and recommend you check them out. It makes those tagged in the post feel included within this circle and important to some extent.

I would take a close look at posts like that. Where a streamer lists out a few people they deem helpful and reach out to those people. Because why else would they tag them if they were not willing to share them to others? It’s a way to find other streamers to connect with.

I would still take a moment to go through the twitch search feed on twitter. There are a lot of newer streamers who are looking for help. Be their helping hand or even be partners in crime. Share what you have learned and they will more than likely be willing to do the same. And if they do not share, you do not need that person within your inner circle of streamers. That person is looking out for their own interest. They could not care less about your success as a streamer and they will leech from you.

Is it time to stream yet?

You have incorporated a growth mindset. You have started to be active in other streamers communities. And started building relationships with people. There is no reason to delay streaming once you have that foundation built. But then when you finally turn on your first stream, nobody shows up.

To be frank, that is the way it should be. Why should anyone show up to your stream when you haven’t proven yourself yet? Don’t go into it day one expecting people to show up to your stream. You have been building relationships with people, but you may not have the content yet. It will be a grind to get to the point where anyone cares enough to show up to your stream and watch you. When you first start streaming, know that you need to prove yourself to people.

A lot of people who start streaming get frustrated because people are not showing up to their stream. They think they deserve viewers.

How to become a twitch affiliate

How it feels to stream to no one

To start, you need to let it take time for people to even realize you are streaming. You can spread the word to friends and family to help you get your first 5-10 viewers. The kind of people who will support you because they know you and you are close and will be there for you no matter what.

And you know what? After streaming for 7 unique days and 8 hours total you will be invited as an affiliate. So long as you have the 50 followers. Easy right? And that is probably the easiest way to get affiliate.

Again I am not writing this article just for you to become affiliate. I want you to get there the right way. By building the right foundation to help you long after affiliate. There are so many streamers out there who think things will all a sudden get better when affiliated. Like people will all a sudden start to subscribe to you. The same goes for partner.

You need to work for it every moment and never let up. Because you had best believe that if you are not putting in the effort, someone else sure is. And when they get big while you remain small you have no one to point to but yourself.

Final thoughts

I hope that after reading this you are better equipped as a streamer. So, you can take your streaming career from the bottom to the top. It is a long journey for all of us. If you keep this guide in hand, you will be able to establish a firm base for your streaming career. A base which will help you long after you become affiliate.

There is one last thing I would like to mention. It is a technique I learned when trying to improve my social skills. When somebody makes you feel a certain way, take note of that feeling. If it was a good feeling, try to understand what made you feel good and see how you can in turn put that same action to use.

One example would be when a good streamer friend of mine makes me feel liked when I hop in his stream and say hi. He will always acknowledge me and say hi excitedly.

How to become a twitch affiliate

When Senpai acknowledges you with excitement

This would also apply to shouting out somebody on twitter. It personally makes me feel good to be considered a part of that persons inner circle.

And last of all. Be GENUINE. Be POSITIVE. And NEVER GIVE UP.