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We've been gaming all of our lives. From dirty arcade cabinets at the back of small mom and pop shops to virtual reality headsets we can barely afford. If you're passionate about gaming like us, you'll love it here.

About John DragonKicK

Like many of you, I've been gaming all of my life. As I got older I noticed that my passion for gaming just got bigger.

As a twitch partner and pro gamer I spent most of my time playing Heroes of the Storm. But it didn't always start that way. Long before becoming a twitch partner I was a huge fan of live gaming streams. Back to the days of, and all the other platforms that have come and gone. I spent a big part of my life enjoying these communities.

It wasn't until I got older that I started dreading the daily work grind and decided to do something about it. With money saved up I dropped everything and tried to make streaming a full-time thing. It was not easy. The Twitch community was already quite big at that point and it was extremely hard to get noticed.

I found that even though my stream was setup properly I needed to do more to get my community going. Using a lot of the stuff found in this blog (which really seems simple when you read it over) I was able to start gaining some great traction.

I went on to growing my stream so fast that a lot of the pro community in heroes of the storm was literally like "who is this guy? why should we respect him?". I took that as a challenge and went on to playing pro. I got sponsored by some big orgs (eLevate gaming, COGnitive eSports, GaleForcve eSports) and was the driving force in a roster revamp that lead to immense succes with GaleForce.

Throughout my gaming journey I found I had more fun in helping others succeed more so than being the center of attention. This blog is the result of me continuing to go all-in on that passion.

I hope you find something of value in here, and if you do, I'm always happy to answer questions and receive feedback on my social media.





John KilicK